Dohiker Military Folding Shovel, Shovel Survival Spade Entrenching Tool with Carrying Pouch Metal Handle for Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Gardening, Fishing, Backpacking

【16 with function】 4.5cm magnesium rod,easy to make fire and snow excavators, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, rescue whistle, magnesia rod, fire ice cream, fish knife, hammer, nail pullover , Ruler, wrench, hammer and so on.
【Feature】 Dohiker military folding snow shovel is high alloy steel material. Surface oxidation rust prevention; shovel board 0.18 cm / 0.07 inch, sufficient strength to withstand harsh conditions. Deep cereal non slip handle, make sure the user is comfortable and safe.
【Size Adjustable】Multi-function military survival shovel are 3 types of assembly methods, size can be adjusted 63/47/34 cm; Compact · Rod can be adjusted angle of 45/90/180 °, Portability is convenient for design based on ergonomics , Foldable, removable, with storage bag, easy to install.



❶The shovel is alloy steel material, high temperature nitriding, hardness 40-45.
❷Alloy steel sharp saw, can saw wooden, plastic efficiently.
❸Multi-function pickaxes, support shovel, dig, plane, cut, pry nails.
❹Multi fish phosphorus knife, high quality steel material, peel animal skins,scale fish phosphorus, cut rope.
❺Magnesium and whistle: 4.5cm/1.77inch magnesium rod, easy to make fire. High quality steel whistle, signals can be transmitted effectively.
❻Emergency hammer and digging function, it can be used to break glass in danger or your car tires trapped into the soil.
❼Sharp shovel blade, combine with a short handle, a good kitchen knife; Combine with a long handle, can be used to cut thick branches.
❽Alloy steel material adjust screw rod, strong and durable to use. Support 45, 90, 180 angle adjustment, easy to pull out the nail or wire.
❾Bottle opener, open the beer bottle at anytime.

Model: 1534
Shovel Board Material: Alloy steel
Handle Material: SPCC chrome stainless steel+rubber non-slip handle
Surface Treatment: Surface oxidation rust prevention technique
HRC Hardness: 40-45
Shovel Board Size: 14x11x0.18cm/5.51×4.33×0.07inch
Shovel Thickness: 0.18cm/0.07inch
Knife Size: 8.5cm/3.35inch
Assembly Size: 63, 47, 34cm/24.8inch, 18.5inch, 13.38inch
Receive Size: 20×13.5x6cm/7.87×5.31×2.36inch
Product Size: 63x14x4cm/25.20×5.51×1.57inch
Product Weight: 0.865kg/30.51oz
Package Size: 19.5×13.5x8cm/7.68×5.31×3.15inch
Package Weight: 0.96kg/33.86oz

Package Included:
1x Emergency Hammer
1x Non-slip Handel
1x Extension Rod
1x Fish Phosphorus Knife
1x Whistle
1x Magnesium Rod
1x Shovel Board
1x Storage Bag
1x Manual
❶WARRANTY: 1 year with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.
❷FEATURES: High alloy steel material; Surface oxidation rust prevention; Shovel board 0.18cm/0.07inch thickness, strong enough to endure the toughest conditions; Deep grain non-slip handle, make sure user comfortable and safe.
❸PORTABLE: Small folding size with storage bag, can be put in backpack. Easy to adjust to 3 different length, 24.8inch, 18.5inch, 13.38inch.
❹APPLICATION: The must-haves for surviving in the outdoors, like camping, fishing, cooking meal, exploring, traveling, hiking.
❺MULTI-FUNCTION: Emergency hammer, bearing screw, fire starter, knife, fish phosphorus knife, shovel, hoe, pick, bottle opener, rope cutter, saw, whistle, chopper, all-in-one.

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