Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter by Lnchett, Drill Attachment Metal Nibbler Tool Kit with Wrench and Extra Nibbler Parts ( 5Pcs Set, Iron Tool Box )



Lnchett – A professional brand, Which only produce the BEST QUALITY tools to improve the quality of life

Cutting sheet metals will never be the same with Lnchett double head sheet nibbler metal cutter. It’s light, compact and sleek. Powered by a standard drill between 1500-3000 RPM, just simply insert the drive shaft in the chuck of your drill and tighten the chuck, exactly like putting in a drill bit. when you start up the drill and the nibbler will be ready to cut. It will be a big time saver for cutting sheet metal and corrugated metal roof sheets. the 360 degree adjustable cutting head allows easy control and has no problem handling any curve or straight you throw to it. Also the iron tool box which holds all parts in helps you no worry to carry them anywhere or lose any.

Perfect for car repair and house maintenance like metal roof cutting, HVAC vent pipe and other metal sheets
Double cutting heads adjust 360 degree for easy cutting in any space
Different cutting shapes available
Best cutting result without any burrs at the cutting edges
No distortion of material
Cuts any shape to 12 mm radius
Extra nibbler die and punch
Safe to touch, easy to work with
Powered by a Hand Drill – no additional power source needed

Maximum cutting capacities:
– iron/steel plate 1.8mm
– stainless steel plate 1.2mm
– copper/aluminium plate 2mm
– plastic/fibreglass board 2mm

Package included:
1 * Lnchett metal sheet nibbler cutter
1 * Plastic handle
1 * Extra nibbler cutter die
1 * Nibbler cutter punch
1 * Wrench
1 * Iron tool box
1 * User manual
►Cutting jobs becomes easier, faster and safer with Lnchett double headed sheet metal nibbler, fitting effortlessly into any standard drill. it can glide through material up to 2mm thick or 14 gauge and creates a precision, burr free edge
►Sheet metal, corrugated material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, formica, plastic, fibreglass. Even soft materials such as denim, leather, paper or card. It is so versatile and it can handle it all with ease
►Cut in any direction and follow the profile of the material. Gutters, roof sections, complex shapes or stencils can be cut with precision as it can move anywhere within 360 degrees. The manoeuvrability of this nibbler over the material makes this an incredibly versatile tool for many uses
►Straight and circle cutting, you can also effortlessly cut beautifully. This is a powerful tool that will change the way you think about cutting sheet mateiral and open up new possibilities that will save your time and effort on many jobs
►2 Years home use warranty and 30 days money guarantee

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